Why We are Different

For many Indianapolis pet owners, choosing one vet clinic from the plethora of options can be a daunting task. Here are 5 things that separate City Way Animal Clinics from the pack.

100% Vet Owned

In 2012 Dr. Kurt Phillips opened City Way Animal Clinics – Mass Ave in order to serve the growing community of people and pets in the downtown area. It was a success, and was soon so busy that we no longer had the capacity to see every pet in need of services. In October, 2015, we opened a location in Fountain Square in order to continue fulfilling the needs of our growing community. Dr. Phillips has decades of experience practicing veterinary medicine and a true commitment to serving the Indianapolis community through opening animal clinics in convenient locations and offering progressive veterinary care. (Learn more: 49 Questions with Dr. Kurt Phillips.)

Downtown Convenience

Within a five mile radius, we have two animal clinics offering your pets access to award-winning veterinary care as well as Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Center, which offers a full menu of grooming options. For downtown residents, this means keeping your pet healthy and pampered without having to get on the highway. It also means that if you need a vet appointment right away and our schedule is booked, we may be able to send to our other clinic a few miles down the road and still guarantee that your pet is cared for at our high standards.

Atmosphere Designed for Pets

We strive to create a clean, stress-free atmosphere for our clients and their pets. As soon as our clients are checked in at the front desk at either clinic, they are taken into a private exam room immediately – a perfect situation for pets who are on-edge around other animals. Every area of our clinics is cleaned routinely to maintain a sanitary environment. If a pet is spending several hours at the clinic for a dental or surgical procedure, they are kept comfortable with blankets and a lot of attention, and if they show additional signs of stress they can be moved to our quiet room. We’re so invested in offering calm spaces to our patients, our grooming facility at Furr: Pet Spa even has a quiet relaxation room called the Zen Den!

Focus on Wellness

When examining a sick pet, many veterinarians will focus only on directly treating the symptoms their client would like addressed. Our team reaches above and beyond that approach by focusing on the animal’s overall wellness. We look for root causes to illnesses, rather than just treating the symptoms. Through this approach, we are able to support your pet’s health through illness prevention and symptom treatment at the same time, with the goal of getting your pet back to full health as soon as possible. As well as helping prevent their symptoms from coming back through creating a baseline of good health.

Progressive Approach

Our doctors and team are dedicated to keeping up with all current research on veterinary medicine. When a study comes out from a reputable source with new information on how to give the best veterinary care, we update our policies immediately to reflect that information. New discoveries that impact the health of our pets are made frequently, and it’s very important to us to offer our clients access to up-to-date, progressive veterinary care. Anytime you bring a pet into our clinics, you can be sure we are bringing all the current knowledge on animal health to the table.