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City Way Animal Clinics is a group of small veterinary practices in Indianapolis dedicated to exemplary veterinary medicine and patient care, healthy lifestyles, client education, and employee well being, while maintaining honesty, integrity, fair pricing, and community involvement. We currently have four animal clinics in Fall Creek Place, Mass Ave, Fountain Square, and Irvington, plus Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Clinic.

Dr. Kurt Phillips saw a need for reliable, convenient, and progressive veterinary care to serve the growing community of downtown Indianapolis and opened our Mass Ave clinic in 2012, located in the heart of the Mass Ave Arts District on East Street. Since 2012, we have added Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Clinic (opened in 2014), our Fountain Square location (2015), a location in Fall Creek Place (2018), and our Irvington location (2020) to our group of practices under the umbrella of City Way Animal Clinics. Each practice is 100% veterinarian-owned and operated.

Within a five mile radius, we have four animal clinics offering access to customized veterinary care, as well as Furr: Pet Spa and Wellness Clinic, which offers a full menu of grooming and spa services for cats and dogs. For downtown residents and professionals, this means keeping your pet healthy and pampered without having to travel far from work or home. It also means that if you need a vet appointment right away and the schedule at one location is full, you may be able to get an appointment at one of the other City Way Animal Clinics a few miles down the road.

We hope that one of our locations will be able to serve you and your pets’ needs.  Please feel free to reach out to any of our practices to make an appointment for your beloved furry family member.  We cannot wait to meet you!

Our Core Values

1. Patients

Committed to customized patient care.

• Best medicine
• Compassion
• Quality of life
• Comfort

2. Clients

Build client relationships through respect and communication.

• Empathy
• Integrity
• Honesty
• Education
• Welcomes feedback

3. Team

Build a positive team culture.

• Collaboration
• Integrity
• Honesty
• Respect
• Celebrates diversity
• Creativity

4. Community

Strive to build longstanding community relationships.

• Community involvement
• Partnerships
• Embrace and drive change
• Caring about our environment

5. Work-Life Balance

Regularly come to work happy, healthy and ready to go.

• Personal growth
• Family
• Friends
• Work
• Dependable through attendance

Our Niche

Every patient. Every Time. No Exceptions. No Excuses.

Our Core Focus

Exemplary veterinary medicine through customized patient care.

Exemplary veterinary medicine through customized care

We’re here to provide your pet with the best veterinary medicine possible to improve their quality of life. We offer not only yearly exams and vaccines, which are an important part of preventative care, but we also offer surgical services (such as spay/neuter), dental cleanings, microchipping, nutrition counseling, growth removals, reproductive services, and much more.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Visionary/CEO + Veterinarian

Butler University, B.S. in Biology, 1992
Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, DVM, 1996

Personal + Professional:
Dr. Phillips has been a veterinarian since 1996, a veterinary clinic owner since 2000, and owner of City Way Animal Clinics since 2012. His special interests include canine reproduction and English bulldogs. When he’s not working, he’s reading up on entrepreneurship, business, and how to craft an excellent cocktail. He enjoys traveling, live music, and good food.

Loves of his Life:
Kurt and his wife, Julia, have two awesome kids, Emma and Jude. They’re empty nesters now, but are still busy taking care of their two dog-kids, Jenner (Vizsla) and Lexington “Lex” (French Bulldog).

Indy Favorites:
Square Cat Vinyl
Wildwood Market
The Canal Walk
The Antelope Club
Union 50
The Cultural Trail
Goose the Market

Integrator/Chief Operations Officer

Indiana University, Kinesiology, 2009 – 2011

Personal + Professional:
Ken brought his passion for health and animals to City Way Animal Clinics in 2012 as a veterinary technician, and has risen through the ranks to our leadership team. He has a passion for community outreach, team culture, and animal wellness. When Ken isn’t making sure things are running smoothly at our clinics, he’s focused on molding a healthy lifestyle. He has a passion for physical and mental health, and you can often find him at the gym.

Loves of his Life:
Ken and his husband, Mark, enjoy city life in Indianapolis.

Indy Favorites:
The Canal Walk
Biking the Monon
Patio restaurants with friends

Chief Medical Director + Veterinarian

Purdue University, B.S. in Animal Sciences, 2009
Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 2013

Personal + Professional:
Dr. VanDeLeest brought her expertise and compassion to City Way Animal Clinics in 2015. She has a special interest in feline medicine and surgery. She enjoys winning in trivia and exploring Indy. When she’s not treating her patients, she’s traveling, baking, or watching sports. (Go Purdue!)

Loves of her Life:
Nicole and her husband, Bill, are both veterinarians. They have a rowdy family of three fur-babies, Rosie (Yellow Lab); Annie (three-legged Lab/Chow/Pit mix); and Elby (cute orange cat and queen of the castle).

Indy Favorites:
Bakersfield tacos + margaritas
Indianapolis Symphony Concerts

Quality Care Director

Studied music at Millikin University
Veterinary Technician courses at Cedar Valley College
Studied Psychology at Ivy Tech

Personal + Professional:
Nicki brought her communication skills and expertise to City Way Animal Clinics in 2016. Starting in the veterinary field in 2002, she has been a customer service representative, a veterinary assistant, and an administrator. When she’s not binge watching a TV series, she’s reading or working on her bullet journal. Nicki has a passion for music. She loves performing, singing, listening to, and writing music. She even plays the ukulele!

Loves of her Life:
Nicki and her husband, Barney, lead a busy life with their daughter, Poppy, and their five pets. Their lives wouldn’t be the same without Mr. Chow (one-eyed cat), Hillary (Spaniel mix), Chuck (Schnauzer/Beagle mix), Dodo (Shih Tzu mix), and Kimchi (Chihuahua)!

Indy Favorites:
Taking Poppy to the park or the Children’s Museum
The zoo is a fav, for sure!

Human Resources Director

Ancilla College, Associates Degree, Non-Profit Certification, 2000

Personal + Professional:
Audrey came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2019 and has experience in Operations, HR, as a CSR, a Vet Assistant, as an Event Coordinator and in Business Development. When she’s not helping our team, she’s managing a local farmers market, and spending time with her son and pets. Audrey is in the process of completing her wildlife rehabilitation license. She enjoys all kinds of water – pools, creeks, beaches – you name it!

Loves of her Life:
Audrey and her son, Jonas, have a poodle mix named Zelda and three cats: Doc, Tangerine, and Chealsa.

Indy Favorites:
Broad Ripple Park
Green spaces

Marketing Director

Ball State University, B.F.A. Visual Communications, 2009

Personal + Professional:
Beth brought her talents to City Way Animal Clinics in 2017, but has been in the marketing field since 2007. She is also a freelance designer and illustrator, and works with a wide variety of local businesses. When she’s not designing and making art, she’s caring for her pupperonis and plants. She loves checking out new restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries.

Loves of her Life:
Beth and her partner, John, share a home and couch with their three awesome dogs, Brando (Border Collie/Retriever mix), Kilo (Pitbull mix), and Yogi (Pitbull mix). They love long walks, snuggling in a pile on the couch, harassing squirrels, and treats (duh).

Indy Favorites:
Mayfair Taproom
Black Acre Brewing
The Inferno Room
Mimi Blue’s Meatballs

Inventory + Equipment Director

Harrison College, School of Veterinary Technology, A.S. of Applied Science, 2014

Personal + Professional:
Jordan came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2014 as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She now manages inventory for all of our locations and has a passion for working in the downtown community. Jordan loves spending time with her family, friends, and dogs – especially around a bonfire in her backyard. Boating, canoeing, crafting, woodworking, and traveling are all things she likes to do.

Loves of her Life:
Jordan and her husband, John Paul, got hitched in 2016, and have a family of fur babies. Their home wouldn’t be the same without Berkley (St.Bernard/Cocker Spaniel mix), Nadia (St. Bernard), and their two cats, Shrimp and Scampi.

Indy Favorites:
Checking out new restaurants, bars, and breweries

Finance Director

Meet Our Quality Care Team

Compliance Manager

Xavier University, B.A. of Liberal Arts, A.S. in Radiologic Technology, Minor in Spanish, 2009

Personal + Professional:
Catherine came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2015, and has been working in the veterinary field since 2011. When she’s not talking to you on the phone, she’s horseback riding, and traveling.

Indy Favorites:
PureBarre Downtown Indy
Any Cunningham Group Restaurant!

Call Center Representative

You Rang? Greetings from the Call Center

Millikin University, Treetops School of Canine/Equine Massage, 1996 – 1999

Personal + Professional:
Holly came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2020 with 15 years of customer service experience. She believes the key to providing the best veterinary care include compassion, an open mind, and honest client relationships. Her interests include canine massage, pet nutrition, and client education, and she’s passionate about end of life transitions for pets. When she’s not talking to you on the phone, you can find her listening to live music, salsa dancing, or watching a horror movie at home.

Loves of her Life:
Holly; her husband, Corey; and her daughter, Juliann, have a large furry family! Storm (deaf boxer pit mix), Kaine (husky), Harley Quinn (bull mastiff pit mix), and Biggie Smalls (pitbull) are all rescue pups with special needs. Their cat, Chuck, and fish, Pennywise (a 2 foot clown knife fish) work together to keep their canine counterparts well loved.

Indy Favorites:
The Canal Walk
Hiking at Fort Ben
Indy’s Live Music + Theatre Scene

Call Center Representative + Lead IT Support

You Rang? Greetings from the Call Center

Thinkful’s Coding Academy, Software Engineering + App/Web Development, Current Student

Personal + Professional:
Evie came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2020 with two years of animal rescue experience. She believes empathy and flexibility are the key to providing the best veterinary care, and she is passionate about animal rights. Her hobbies include graphic design and software engineering, and she has a special interest in animal care and nutrition.

Loves of her Life:
Evie and her spouse, Nik, have two children, Cilian and Fionn. Their family wouldn’t be complete without Lyra the husky and Missy the calico cat!

Indy Favorites:
The Children’s Museum

Call Center Representative

You Rang? Greetings from the Call Center

Personal + Professional:

Tasha came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2020 with 10 years of customer service experience. She believes the key to providing the best veterinary care is compassion and patient care. While veterinary medicine is new to Tasha, she is interested in learning more about radiology, neurology, and oncology. She is passionate about helping people and getting to the root of an issue. Tasha enjoys cooking with her partner, video games, and game nights with family.

Loves of her Life:
Tasha and her partner, Matt, care for their 60-pound lapdog Nala (pit mix) and their highh-energy boy Han Solo (pit mix). Nala is a total lovebug and keeps them busy with her quirky, and sometimes loud, energy! Han Solo is a lover, not a fighter, and will cry until he gets some mandatory quality time

Indy Favorites:
Pennsy Trail
Indy’s food scene

Meet Our Support Team

Inventory Assistant

Hanover College, BA in English, 2005

Personal + Professional:
Michelle came to City Way Animal Clinics in 2019 after working at PetSmart as a Senior Associate for two years. When she’s not lending a helping hand at the clinic, she enjoys reading, watching movies, camping, listening to music, and canoeing.

Loves of her Life:
Michelle and her boyfriend, Dave, have a miniature poodle named Nazzi (rhymes with “jazzy”) and a leopard gecko named Sweetie.

Indy Favorites:
The Tibbs Drive-In Theatre
Mug-n-Bun Drive-In

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