Top Three Reasons Why I Love Being A RVT

I was recently asked why I like my job as a Registered Veterinary Technician. At first, I jokingly answered that it was because I get to be with puppies and kittens all day long! Fortunately for me, this is not the whole truth. The truth is I love being a Registered Veterinary Technician for so many other important reasons; reasons that range all the way from my ability to help educate clients to the relationships I get to create with pet owners and their pets. Below are my top three reasons why I love my job.

1) Client + Patient Relations

One of my favorite things about being a Registered Veterinary Technician is the relationship I get to make with my clients and their pets. I get the opportunity to be one of the first people you’ll meet at your pet’s appointment. This gives me the opportunity to set the expectation for the level of communication and care that my clients’ and their pets will receive. I get the chance to get to know each client on a personal level, as well as getting to know their animal and its needs. I love getting to know each person and where they are from and what they do – the wide range of cultures that we see at our clinics is amazing! I also enjoy getting to know each pet and their individual personalities. Every animal’s personality is different and each one needs a different way to be handled or even approached.

2) Client Education

Another reason I love being a Registered Veterinary Technician is for the education I get to provide my clients. I get to help people understand things that may be harmful or even beneficial to their pet to help further its life. I love being able to educate a client to help make it through different disease processes. I also enjoy knowing that, with education, I can help a client make the right decisions for further care of their pets.

3) Helping Through the Hard Times

The top reason I love being a Registered Veterinary Technician is being able to help people through the tough or uncertain times that come with being an animal owner. All too often people think having a pet is easy. Unfortunately, when clients least expect it is when some of the worst occurrences may happen. Even though it is hard for many people to talk about, these are the moments I feel like I am needed the most in my job. When people hear that their pet has an incurable illness, I make sure clients know all of their options. I help calm and and ease their minds and help them to make the very best decisions for their pets.

As you can see, being a Registered Veterinary Technician isn’t about playing with puppies and kittens all day, it’s about building relationships and helping clients through some of their roughest times. Even though there are countless reasons why I love being a Registered Veterinary Technician, these are definitely my top three!