New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pet’s Health

It’s about that time when the New Year rolls in and many of us make resolutions to improve our own personal health. Those resolutions might include signing up for a new gym membership, getting ourselves to the doctor, losing those dreaded last 10 pounds, or making a serious plan to eat healthier.

But what about our pets? Who will help determine their resolutions when it comes to bettering their health? The New Year is not only a great time to reset and put yourself first again, but also making the resolution to make our pet’s health a priority Here are a few things you can do to start putting your pet’s health on the top of your New Year’s resolution list.

Get Your Pet in for a Dental Exam

Oral health in our pets is more important than most pet owners realize and is often ignored until there is a real issue. If you haven’t had your cat or dog in for a dental exam or cleaning, this year is a great time to start paying attention to your pet’s oral health! (Learn more: Dental Disease in Pets – Your Breath Smells Like What?)

Help Your Pet Lose Those Extra Pounds

If your pet has a few extra pounds that they need to lose, the New Year is the perfect time to make the commitment to helping them shed the weight. With over 50 percent of pets in the U.S. classified as overweight, there’s no better time for owners to commit to a new diet and exercise regimen for their pets. 

In addition to getting more active with your pet, you should consult your veterinarian on the best pet food for your fur baby’s diet. Just like humans, set realistic goals with your vet for helping your pet lose those necessary pounds and check in regularly to keep on track. (Learn more: Healthy Pet Diets – It’s What’s For Dinner!)

Make a Wellness Appointment

Making a wellness appointment with your vet is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure your pet is healthy and happy. Since our pets can’t tell us what pains they have or health issues they are experiencing, a wellness exam is important to get a well-rounded view of our pet’s health. A wellness exam is a great first step to kicking off a New Year’s resolution dedicated to your pet’s health.

Book a Winter Grooming Appointment

If your pet’s fur seems long or matted, or maybe their skin seems extra dry or itchy this winter, getting your pet in for a groom is the perfect way to begin the commitment of overall skin and coat health. If you haven’t tried our groomer, Furr Pet Spa & Wellness, it’s a great time to begin! Furr can groom both cats and dogs – they even have a Zen Den with special services that can help keep your pet calm and anxiety-free for a true spa experience.

Be Active with Your Pet

The winter months sometimes have us feeling confined to the indoors. Making the commitment to get out on a walk with your dog every day is not only healthy for your pup, but healthy for you as well. And it doesn’t take much, just 10 minutes of moving outdoors can improve mood, blood circulation, and heart health in both pets and humans. (Learn more: 5 Ways Walking Your Dog Daily Can Benefit You.)

Kick Bad Habits

Are you guilty of feeding your pet food scraps from the table? Are guilty of being inconsistent with disciplining your pet’s bad behaviors? Or maybe you are at a loss and frustrated with certain behaviors your pet has been displaying. Either way, take charge this year by making steps to kick your own bad habits as well as your pets. Consult with a professional dog trainer local to Indianapolis, we suggest Bradley Phifer. (Learn more: Get to Know Bradley Phifer – Dog Trainer. )