Meet Ashley, Ben & Bella

Meet our fantastic newlywed clients, The Parkers!

Our client, Ashley Parker, has been coming to our Mass Ave clinic with her 10-year-old Beagle mix, Bella, for over two years. Since becoming a client Ashley’s had some big life changes, including getting married and moving from downtown Indy to Broad Ripple.

One thing that has always remained very consistent with Ashley is that she is avid fan of downtown Indy and our great city. You will always find her out and about exploring Indy’s newest hotspots with friends, family, and her fur baby.

Read our full interview with Ashley below to see why having a pet improves she and Ben’s lives, why we’re her vet of choice, and her favorite places around Indy!

Tell us about Bella and why she is so special to you and Ben. 

Ashley: I’ve had Bella since she was 7 weeks old and is every definition of a companion. She is our only “child” at this point in our lives and we love coming home to her happy beagle face each day!

Does Bella have any unique traits or can she perform any tricks?

Ashley: Bella can sniff out food from a mile away – she truly is a beagle in that sense. Also, while this may not be unique, Bella was paralyzed in her back legs when she was 5 and underwent surgery and physical therapy to be able to “walk” again. While she looks like she’s had a few drinks, she still gets around great!

How does Bella improve your life?

Ashley: Bella improves our life by simply being our pet. She provides us stress relief after a long day of work by making us laugh as she runs to our basement for playtime. She is a great snuggler and loves to be by our sides.

How long have you been coming to MAAC and why did you choose us as your vet of choice?

Ashley: Bella has been a patient at City Way Animal Clinics – Mass Ave for over 3 years. I love how welcoming everyone is each time we go into the vet. They remember our names and remember Bella. We have seen three different vets and feel comfortable with each and every one of them. The team has always been patient with our concerns and makes sure we feel comfortable with treatments before during and after. I would highly recommend anyone to City Way Animal Clinics!

In three words, describe your experience with City Way Animal Clinics – Mass Ave.

Ashley: Trustworthy, Caring, Knowledgeable.

What are your favorite places to go in downtown Indy on the weekend?

Ashley: We love the Mass Ave Area and enjoy trying out new restaurants as they open. Some of our favorite spots are The Eagle and Union 50!

What do you love most about living in Indy?

Ashley: We love that there is always something fun to do or a new place to try. In the summer we also love riding our bikes! Living in Indy you can never find yourself being bored or repetitive. As a lifelong resident, it’s been fun and exciting to see our city grow and continue to make a name for itself across the country!

On any day of the week, we can find you…

Ashley: Relaxing in our home, at Luciana’s in Broad Ripple, or at a Pacers/Colts game!