You Rang? Greetings from the Call Center!

We know what you’re thinking, “Why does a veterinarian have a call center?” To put it simply, City Way Animal Clinics has a call center because our clinic teams really needed help answering calls! Adding Call Center Representatives to field calls and answer questions helps our teams to focus on the clients and patients being seen in our clinics.

The Call Center is part of our new Quality Care Department. Headed by our Quality Care Director, this department has several positions working on a variety of tasks to make sure our patients and clients are receiving the best customized care. If your pet was sick or recently had surgery, you’ve probably spoken with our Patient Care Manager. She is mainly in charge of making sure our communications with clients are clear, that our teams are offering the right products and services for each individual pet, and will often be the person calling to follow up after your pet’s visit. Our Compliance Manager works internally and is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of all client accounts, patient records, and medical charges. With the help of these positions and the call center, City Way Animal Clinics is dedicated to making sure our patients and clients are receiving the best experience and care possible.

What do our Call Center Representatives do?

Well, the most important thing they do is answer the phone… shocking, we know! When they answer a call, they are often:

  • Scheduling appointments (or rescheduling)
  • Submitting requests to refill food or medication
  • Connecting calls with the clinic team as needed
  • Discerning whether or not clients should take their pet to an Emergency Clinic and providing them with referrals

Our Call Center Representatives have to know a lot more than how to answer a phone and Contact Us though. Being in the veterinary field, our Call Center Representatives are trained to use proper medical terminology; enter medical records; understand common vaccinations, prescription pet diets, usage and doses of medications; and be familiar with different pet breeds. And they do it all with compassion and a smile!

Next time you give us a call to Contact Us or request medications, don’t be surprised if you hear a new helpful voice on the other line. The call center is here to help and we hope they make your experience with City Way Animal Clinics flow more smoothly!